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Loan Application Document
For your convenience, we have provided our application and supporting documentation forms for you to download. Choose any of the following documents and they will be downloaded to your computer as an Adobe Reader file.

Uniform Residential Loan Application    PDF  423k    
Solicitud Uniforme para Préstamo Hipotecario Residencial    PDF  1420k    
Net Tangible Benefit    PDF  426k    
Texas Notice Concerning Extension of Credit    PDF  535k    
Form 4506t – Request for tax     PDF  638k    
Verification of SSA    PDF  230k    
Identified Servicing Providers    PDF  26k    
Equal Credit Opportunity Act Notice    PDF  282k    
Servicing Disclosure    PDF  185k    
Gift Letter    PDF  368k    
HUD Settlement Costs Booklet    URL      
Customer Identification Program Notice    PDF  360k    
Important Notice Homebuyers    PDF  19k    
Legal Name    PDF  447k    
Notice of Appraisal of your Property    PDF  457k    
Receipt of Appraisal Waiver    PDF  352k    
Get Adobe Acrobat    URL      
Privacy Policy Notice    URL      
Borrower's Certification and Authorization    PDF  82k    
Texas Consumer Complaint Process Notice State Chartered Bank & Trust    PDF  477k    
FAQ Truth in Lending    PDF  321k    
Servicing Disclosure Statement    PDF  497k    
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Get Adobe Acrobat Reader NOTE: Some of these forms may be in Portable Document Format (PDF) and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. To get Adobe Acrobat Reader, click on the Acrobat Reader icon and follow the instructions.
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